Here are some handouts used in Mr. Gracyk's classes.  Click on the links below.



Syllabus for American Literature 2012-2013

Rules for Mr. Gracyk's American Literature Classes

Diagnostic Test

This diagnostic activity helps me know where juniors are at the start of the year

August 2012


September 2012

Handouts for the month of September

The Catcher in the Rye

Here are materials on the J.D. Salinger novel. Click above.

The Crucible -- Why Innocent People Confessed To Being Witches

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Here are materials on the Sage of Concord

The Scarlet Letter

Here are materials on Hawthorne's novel

The Great Gatsby

Here are materials on the novel

College Essays

Here are sample personal statements written by seniors applying to colleges. Click on the link above.

Frederick Douglass

Here are materials for Frederick Douglass' first book

The Crucible--Introduction

Before we read the play, we will act out The Crucible in class, using this simplified version of the play. This introduces characters and the opening action.

The Crucible--Discussion Board

Students posted to this discussion board during the 1st week of October, 2012.

Ben Franklin material

Ben Franklin and Ralph Waldo Emerson--Interpretive Questions

Dec. 1 2012

Steps in tackling poetry

The movements of 1st semester simplified

Quoting from The Scarlet Letter

Summer reading discussion questions