End-of-Semester Activity                                           Name _______________________________________


1) Write an independent clause.  You may write a simple one to save time.



2) Define “appositive” or write a sentence using one:

3) Write a sentence that uses “who” correctly. 



4) Write a sentence that uses “whom” correctly.


5) In English classes long ago, you learned to identify the eight parts of speech (nine if you include “articles”). 

Name three of the eight parts of speech: _________________________,  _______________________

and  ______________________.

6) Write a sentence with a participial phrase. 

7) Come up with two independent clauses and join those clauses with a coordinator (coordinating conjunction):

8) Come up with two independent clauses and join those clauses with a subordinator (subordinating conjunction):

9) Write a sentence that uses a colon (:) correctly.  Then write one using a semicolon.


            COLON =



10) Write a sentence that uses an introductory adverb.


11) Write a sentence that has an original simile.  

12) Write a sentence that has an original metaphor.

13) Cite some memorized poetry:

14) ADD APOSTROPHES WHERE NEEDED: When I turned on my parents radio in their room, I heard the


presidents wife announce that Americans should buy childrens toys to donate to our nations schools.  Then I


turned on my parents TV and saw the principal of this citys best school being interviewed.  He said students cell


phones should be off when they study.  Later, I put food in my two cats bowls, which were near my moms car. 

15) Give an example of “literally” used correctly:




16) Define “oxymoron” or give any example except “holy war” and “fun homework.”




17) Define “paradox” or give an example of one.




NOW SOME VOCABULARY.  Circle what comes closest in meaning to each underlined word. 


18) I took a meager amount of sugar.    a) forbidden         b) ample      c) slight     d) considerable        e) surprising

19) Our troops must be reinforced.    a) surrounded        b) comforted        c) entertained              d) strengthened

20) We need to procure supplies.        a) require          b) use up           c) deliver                d) sell          e) obtain

21) Ed’s statement is credible.          a) believable     b) dishonest           c) correct                d) silly        e) amusing

22) Ed told an outlandish story.      a) spooky               b) ridiculous                c) lengthy         d) true         e) boring

23) I see an impish child.        a) impolite         b) small        c) cheerful           d) hungry                e) mischievous 

24) I tried to pacify Ed.        a) confront          b) tease                c) ridicule         d) appease          e) confuse

25) Ed chastised his son.         a) praised         b) punished         c) hugged         d) enriched             e) insulted

26) I was chagrined by the news.    a) changed        b) delighted        c) disappointed        d) bored

27) The display was pompous.        a) pretentious               b) languid             c) shoddy          d) comical



One priority at SFHS is your academic success, but another is your spiritual journey.  Gives examples of how you have traveled spiritually while at SFHS or discuss examples of SFHS being more than a place of learning.