Grammar Packet -- for freshmen in high school

Page 1

Intro to the Grammar Packet

Page 2

MLA Format--how your paper should look

Page 3

MLA Style Guidelines

Page 4

Model Paragraph about Mr. Frankland

Page 5

Reviewing the eight parts of speech

Pages 6 - 8

Grammar and Related Terms -- a glossary

Page 9

Getting specific -- the use of proper nouns

Page 10

A worksheet that requires you to be specific

Page 11

Homophones -- words that sound the same but differ in meaning and spelling

Page 12

More work with homophones, including who's/whose and their/they're/there

Page 13

Apostrophes -- an introduction

Page 14

More work with apostrophes

Page 15

How to fix run-ons (run-together sentences, comma splices)

Pages 16 - 17

Usage -- misused words and phrases

Page 18

Vocabulary expansion

Page 19

Proofreading passage -- fixing common errors

Page 20

Another proofreading passage -- making errors go away

Page 21

Independent clause, dependent clause, phrase, run-on

Page 22

Appositives -- nouns restating other nouns

Page 23

Adjective clause, appositive, parallelism, participial phrase, prepositional phrase

Page 24

Relative pronouns and adjective clauses

Page 25

Sentence combining

Page 26

Sentence transformations

Page 27

Idiom, metaphor, simile, and paradox

Page 28

Our beliefs expressed in metaphors

Page 29

Colons, semicolons, and dashes

Page 30

Review of grammar and literary devices

Page 31

Grammar fun and writing tips

Page 32

Fixing SAT-type grammar errors

Pages 33 - 34

The Honor Code -- rating scenarios

Pages 35 - 39

Study guide for the first semester's final exam

Pages 42 - 46

Study guide for the second semester's final exam

Pages 48 - 54

Glossary of literary terms